AJS Stormer. Malcolm Davis. Andy Roberton. 1970.


34. Davis and Roberton / 1970


The AJS Stormer by 1970, had over its first three years, achieved two, second places and one first place, in the British Motocross Championship.

Malcolm Davis was now 26, and he had returned to the AJS Competition Team at Thruxton, his teammate for the season would be Andy Roberton, both racing the Mark II Stormer, which had gone through a thorough testing and reliability program.

In March, they took their machines and immediatly won first and second places in the 250 Grandstand Trophy at Dodington Park, with his smooth riding style, Malcolm would achieve second place overall in the competition, again an excellent start.

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Joel Robert / Suzuki 250cc / 1970

His next race was the Spanish GP, he was up against Joel Robert, riding a Suzuki, and this is when we should remember, Ernst Degner and Walter Kaaden, this was the first GP victory for a Japanese motocross machine.  

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 Malcolm Davis / AJS Stormer 250cc / 1970

In June the British Motocross Championship started at Tilton, Davis won the first round, with Andy coming second. In the second round Davis won the race, lapping everyone up to sixth place, it was a very clear demonstration of his skill, and the performance of the AJS Stormer.

He went on, he injured himself in the Dodington GP, but it didn’t stop him, and in the next round of the British Championship at Carlton Bank, he won both rounds. At Cuerden Park, again he dominated both races, and achieved a record six consecutive wins, Bryan Wade’s Greeves was now experiencing those Motocross Gremlins, it had seized up in both rounds.

Then came the final round of the Championship, it was in Berkshire at Beenham Park, Davis led from the beginning, he was clear and out front. He then to everyones amazement, dropped, or ‘layed down’ his bike, on the final corner, this meant Andy Roberton, his teammate came second in the Championship.

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Malcolm Davis / AJS Stormer 250cc / 1970

An astonishing teammate moment, they had set the field alight and the AJS Stormer was now a true, race proven, multiple Championship winning, motocross thoroughbred. Davis and his AJS Stormer could of clearly won, every race that year.

A one-two in the British Motocross Championship though, was an incredible result, ‘Fluff’ Brown and his team, had built, their ultimate Motocross machine, and little did they know how important an achievement it was, the last British 250, to ever win the series. In 1975 the rules were changed and the British Motocross Championship becomes a single event.

Acknowledgement: Out Front – Ian Berry – 2011.

 British Motocross Championship – 1970            

  1. Malcolm Davis         AJS Stormer
  2. Andy Roberton       AJS Stormer
  3. Jeff Smith                 BSA

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AJS Stormer 250cc Y40 / 1970

Andy would go on to become Champion in 1972, riding for Husqvarna, and Malcolm, riding a Bultaco Pursang, with its Rickman Metisse based frame, would become Champion again in 1973, the two machines dominate the event until 1975.

Vic Eastwood won the final round at Beenham Park, this was Vic’s first win after two years on the sideline, after breaking his leg. This was actually good for the AJS Competition Team, because their interests had now shifted, after losing Peter Inchley, they wanted to take on a new challenge, the 500cc events, and they needed a new development rider, and engineer, and he had the experience and skills that they required.

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Malcolm Davis / British Champion / AJS Stormer 250cc Poster / 1970