Matchless. Two Stroke. 1968.


25. ISDT Matchless 360cc Two Stroke


Web 137#112 John Tye AJS 250, (SUK 879F) #106 CJ Stebbings AJS 250 (SUK 881F) #19 Sgt E J Thompson AJS 250 (SUK 878F) #147 Wirdnam Matchless 360 (SUK 880F)

In 1968 AJS experimented with a special project using the Y4, four, street legal, trail versions were built at Marston Road, all equipped with wide ratio gears and spark arrestors on the end of the tailpipes, they also had a rudimentary lighting system taken from the 9E Villiers setup. Three of them had 250cc engines and were badged as AJS machines. The fourth one had the new 360cc engine and was badged as a Matchless.

Members of the Royal Air Force Motor Sports Association rode the four bikes; they had entered the team into the 1968 International Six-Days Trial, taking place in Italy.

1968 ISDT

#19     Sgt. E.J. Thompson, 250 AJS, retired on the first day.

#106   C.J. Stebbings, 250 AJS, received a bronze medal.

#112   Jon Tye, 250 AJS, received a bronze medal.

#147   Wirdnam 360 Matchless, received a bronze medal.

Now the AJS Y4 was given its name….

 Web 138

AJS Stormer 250cc Y4 Advertising / 1969

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