Villiers Metisse. 1967.


20. Villiers Metisse


After much high pressure working by the Rickman brothers and Norton Villiers, the first competition machine from the new Norton Villiers group made its debut at the TV scramble on Saturday. (Cuerdon Park, Preston, 14th January 1967).

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Villiers Metisse / Cuerdon Park / 14th January 1967

The Bultaco Metisse frame has had to be modified to take the Villiers unit, the most difficult bit being the bottom frame rail, which has been gapped to make way for the gear lever (see picture). The huge expansion chamber has been housed but will be tucked away a bit more, later.

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FB Mk I Prototype / Eccentric Swinging Arm

It went well with no troubles, Freddie Mayes being in third spot in the 250 cc race, when he missed a gear on the hill. Development man Peter Inchley says it is giving “As much as anything”, this statement being backed up by the fact that Fred was gaining on Bickers on the straight in practice.

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AJS Stormer / Eccentric Swinging Arm

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