AJS 410 Stormer Rebuild / 2020


Fluff Brown / AJS Motorcycles  / 1975


David Wells will make his first public appearance for the reformed AJS Team at Tweseldown on Sunday.

Wells joins Adrian Yallop on his 250cc machine for AJS of Andover, the new concern run by former factory development ace, Fluff Brown.

Unveiling the FB Special at the show this week, Fluff says that he hopes to have the 410cc bikes ready soon, and that he is looking for, an up and coming, junior to supplement the line-up, now that test-rider John Foot has graduated out of the class.

The machines, based on the Stormer range, have transistorised ignition, and are the first production bikes to be fitted with the new lightweight 34mm Amal carb. The engine has a seven-port cylinder.

AJS of Andover now have the sole rights to the name of the old marque, and to manufacture and supply of spares for the moto cross machines already sold, a substantial number, bearing in mind AJS sold over 200 bikes in 1974 alone.


AJS 410 Stormer  / 1972


Now in quantity production, the 410cc Stormer pairs with the 250cc Stormers to form the Andover factory’s range of moto-cross machines for 1972.

Superseding the previous 370cc production Stormer, the new model is an updated version of the limited batch of special four-tens built as an addition to the standard range last year.

Modifications to the 1972 model include a USA-pattern forged piston, said to increase reliability. The circlip retaining the clutch on the gear box main shaft now locates in a deeper groove, and with stronger gear-selector mechnism, is claimed to increase transmission reliability.

In order to cope with the engine’s increased torque, the rear sprocket is now retained by 10 bolts instead of five, and at the request of American customers, an engine cutout button has been fitted.

Tomaselli light-alloy front brake and clutch levers, nylon-lined control cables and a reshaped, more comfortable seat are included in the latest specification.

The 250cc Stormer remains virtually unchanged for the coming year. Both models will have bolt-on silencers included in the kits for sale in Britain.


AJS 410 Stormer Rebuild  / 2020


4 thoughts on “AJS 410 Stormer Rebuild / 2020”

  1. This article brings back memories. I used to ride one as a lad, it scared me silly and I don’t think I ever got it into 4th because the beast would run out of field! It was a bugger to start and was mostly bumped, I sold it on after it threw me off (didn’t get back on the saddle quick enough) and gave me a good grazing. I can still smell the STP now. Ahh the memories.


  2. Sorry, but Mr. Whuitelaw is your average wally who didn’t understand what it’s about and gave up 1st crash. You ARE going to crash, we ALL crash. I began in Victoria, Oz, on a DOT (last one officially that left factory in ’66, now in UK somewhere) raced a few times in UK, felt naff, went back to Sweden and raced HVA’s for 10 years. Racing in Sweden was horrendous, had to be and train as a pro even at club-level. Took me 3 years to stay on bike, 3 years to learn to race, 4 years to race. I started late aged 24 in Oz, 26 in Sweden, and thus ended my career early, nowhere near being Swedish Champion let alone ‘The Man’. Best fun I ever had. Knew Bengt Arne Bonn, ex-AJS racer, ex-truck-driver, still alive in Perstorp. He pissed-off HVA and was lucky to get AJS contract, rode with Malcolm Davies developing the new Stormer. Crap to begin with he and Mal pushed hard for changes and got to point they thought, “World Champ and Nr Two, next year”. Then Malcolm was murdered by the local mafia (he refused to sell his nightclub/disco to them) and it went belly-up. Bengt rode what he could whenever he could afterwards, mostly on the continent, to buy the rig he then drove for years, with brother Karl-Erik. I sit here today and think I’d like to’ve bolted a ’73 HVA mag 125 or 250 into the AJ, just to ‘P’ HVA off! I raced mostly HVA but now think CZ was better, though they needed some work/money spent on them, they were de-tuned for Iron Curtain market in late sixties. Czech bearings ok but change to SKF, up compression, 34/36mm carb, rebuilt PAL ignition (ok design but crap ‘copper’ windings). Ah, the ignorance of youth…


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